Ways To Generate Traffic WITHOUT Using The Search Engines

Ways To Generate Traffic WITHOUT Using The Search Engines

Search engines are best way to get traffic to your blog. The success of our marketing campaigns depends on them and their algorithms.

But there are other traffic sources that are not connected to the search engines. Your chances of success with these systems are excellent.

The results they provide are quick and their efficiency relies solely on your efforts.

  1. Use a payment processor that has its own shopping center. Choose a payment processor that will give your online business the exposure it needs. ClickBank and 2checkout are two such payment processors. The fact that they’re quite well known could also allow you to get some affiliates.
  2. Take advantage of social networking websites. Such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  3. A lot of blog directories exist to help people find blogs they would be interested in following. Posting on your blog and pinging the blog directories every time you publish, you’d be informing hundreds of thousands of people about your blog. You can generate a lot of traffic to your website that way.
  4. Websites like Technorati and Del.icio.us are blog directories that act as user-driven search engines as well. Instead of keywords, they use tags. You post to your blog, tag the post and then ping the directories. Now people interested in that tag will see your new post.
  5. Use Digg. Articles can be submitted and readers can vote for the articles they like. The articles which receive the most number of votes will appear on the main page. This will drive tens and thousands of traffic to your website. One article can have a time-limited effect but by submitting articles regularly you can receive a lot of traffic on a regular basis.
  6. Viral marketing. Distribute an eBook, a special report, a software program, or even a novelty digital item for free. Make sure this item contains links back to your web site. If it is valuable enough people will distribute it to the members of their own network. The result is an exponential, unceasing spread of your viral message to potentially millions and millions of people.

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