Getting Comments on Your Blog: 6 Ways to Do It

Getting Comments on Your Blog: 6 Ways to Do It

Blog commenting can almost be seen as an art form. Some people are really good at commenting and having their comments stay, while others can comment as million times and have each and every comment deleted. This can be extremely frustrating.

Commenting on blogs can be a great way to getting back links to a website that you are trying to promote. Leaving great comments that aren’t deleted offers your site extra PR and it also increases your ranking. If you are stuck when it comes to commenting, and your comments keep getting deleted, here are 6 ways to ensure that your comments are the best that they can be and won’t get deleted.

  1. Read the entire post. Bloggers are so tired of comment spam and WordPress registration spam. Don’t look like a spammer! You don’t have to take notes on the post, but make sure that you know what the main idea of the post is. You will be able to make a good comment if you know what is going on.
  2. Target one idea of the blog. Make sure that you target just one part of the blog. It will look like you really know what you are talking about and you will be able to offer good posts.
  3. Make a relevant comment. If you are trying to promote a site on a blog that has nothing to do with anything, it will be a bad idea to comment on it. Even so, you want to make sure that your comments are relevant.
  4. Make sure that you don’t just use keywords in the name field. Blog owners are less likely to approve your blog if you just use keywords for your name. If you add your name with the keyword, they are more likely to approve your comments.
  5. Make sure that you comment on a site that has comments that were recently published (or approved). If there isn’t any recent activity, you will be less likely to have a comment approved.
  6. Use your own picture or a picture that looks like a real person. You will look less like a spammer, and blog owners will be more likely to accept your post.

By using these tips, you will be more likely to have your comments approved to certain blogs. If you are able to have good comments that stick, your website will enjoy higher ranking. Higher ranking will result in more visitors which will have great results on your websites.

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