WordPress and “Quick Edit” – Dare You To Try It Just Once

WordPress and “Quick Edit” – Dare You To Try It Just Once

I’m rearranging some of my articles by date, and find going into editing each one a pain – so I decided to give Quick Edit a try. And if you haven’t used it, you should too – it’s a great time savings.

For those not familiar with it, Quick Edit is an option shown as you move a mouse over each post in the Posts; Edit Menu in Admin (the other options are Edit, Delete, and View). Clicking on Quick Edit gives you just about everything but the articles content, including post time, permalink, whether to make it private and/or sticky, the categories for each, and more.

The big plus? It’s all done on the same page – no slow page flipping, so you can adjust a huge batch of articles quickly (for example, if I went and used the default category on a series of articles I wrote). Staying on the same page is fast, easy, and makes small changes like that a breeze.

I did notice one thing – when I changed the post date on one blog, my permalink (which was time based) didn’t update when I clicked on the Menu’s View button. Not a big problem at all – but if you find odd behavior, just refresh the Edit page and try again (don’t worry, despite this bug, the changes are permanent).

Try it out – and see if it doesn’t become hugely useful in your blogging!

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