What is a Blog?

A blog is a truncation of the word, Weblog, first tossed by John Baker in 1997.
It became popular by 2004, when companies started having their own blogs about their services and their products.

In 2009, Collaborative blogging, i.e. multiple author blogging and comments on blogs and shares started, it was then that Blogging rose up as a serious profession.

Since then, blogging is a trending profession giving high pays and full-time or barefoot writer jobs on a high.

In-spite of boom of video-based apps and various social media engines, blogging has its own space and importance which is still going to rise.

Advantages of Blogging:

  1. Flexible Time, Space, and Money:
    Blogging gives us the flexibility of time, space, and investment. We can go part-time or full-time in blogging depending on our convenience. Wherever we are we can write a blog. Improving the quality of the blog costs almost nothing other than time.
  2. Direct Client Contact:
    We can be in direct contact with our clients and design our posts based on their personal requirements.
  3. Weekly Pay-outs:
    Once you start getting paid for your words, you will be more motivated to blog. Most of the time we can opt for weekly pay-outs that give us the boost to do more.
  4. Wide Client Pool:
    We just have to get into the practice of writing a well-crafted blog post. Once you get that skill, we have the whole World Wide Web as your client. That’s a really big client pool, isn’t it!
  5. Pay Scale:
    Writing is not a cheap profession. Once you start getting clients, approaching you for articles in your Niche, do not sell yourself cheap. Writing in cheap is not a way to get work.

Opportunities for Blogging:

  1. Direct Response – writing for companies
  2. Write for Businesses
  3. Grant Writing & Legal Writing
  4. Resume Writing
  5. Travel Writing
  6. Food Blogging
  7. Information Publishing
  8. Money Waking Website Articles
  9. Stock Photography
  10. Video Transcripts
  11. Podcast Transcripts
  12. Business to Business Writing
    And many more….

Types of Blogs:

  1. Personal Blogs: Your thoughts, your space
  2. Collaborative Blogging: In collaboration of two or more authors
  3. Microblogging: Writing blogs for Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, Weibo, etc.
  4. Corporate Blogging: Writing for problems and skills related to the Corporate sector.
  5. By Genre: Writing in a particular genre like Politics, Book, Home, Travel, Real-estate, Legal, Food, How to, etc.
    Other Forms:
  6. Photo Blogging: Stock Photography
  7. Sketch Blogging: Making Sketches for bloggers
  8. Vlogs: Editing or Transcripting Videos
  9. Podcasts: Editing or Transcripting Audios
  10. Link-Logs: Linking various Blogs with the same topic.
  11. Gopher Protocols or phlogs.
  12. Research Blogs
    And many more….

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