Shortcut keys for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016

Shortcut keys for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
Shortcut keys for Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
1. Navigation Keys
Arrow KeysMove operations
EndEnd of line
HomeStarting of line
Ctrl+Up ArrowPhrase or paragraph Up
Ctrl+Down ArrowPhrase or paragraph down
Ctrl+EndEnd of text block
Ctrl+HomeBeginning of text block
Shift+TabTo next object
TabTo previous object
Pg DnNext Slide
Pg UpPrevious Slide
F6Focus to different pane
Ctrl+F1Collapse/expand ribbon
Spacebar/EnterActivate selected commend/Open Selected menu on ribbon
Shift+F6Move anticlockwise among pane
Ctrl+Shift+TabSwitch Thumbnail/Outline View Pane
2. Editing keys
Ctrl+S/Ctrl+QSave Presentation
Ctrl+OOpen existing presentation
Ctrl+NNew presentation
Ctrl+MNew Slide
Ctrl+RRight Align selected text
Ctrl+LLeft Align selected text
Ctrl+ASelect All
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+InsCopy text/image
Ctrl+VPaste text/image/text
Ctrl+XCut text/image
Ctrl+BBold text
Ctrl+UUnderline Text
Ctrl+IItalic text
DelRemove selected image/Remove one character from right side
F2Rename the file
Ctrl+PPrint presentation
F5Slideshow of presentation
Ctrl+EAlign Center Selected Phrase
Ctrl+JJustify Selected Phrase
Ctrl+KInsert Hyperlink
Ctrl+FFind particular text
Ctrl+HReplace particular text
Ctrl+ZUndo changes in presentation
Ctrl+YRedo operation
Ctrl+Shift+ZNormal/Plain Text
Shift+F3Toggle cases(UppseCase/LowerCase)
F7Spelling Checker
Ctrl+Shift+FChange Font Style
Ctrl+Shift+>Increase font size
Ctrl+Shift+<Decrease font size
Ctrl+DragCreate a copy of selected text
Ctrl+BkspaceDelete word from left
Ctrl+DelDelete word from right
Ctrl+DDuplicate Slide
Alt+HandFandSChange font size
EnterFinish modifying value
Ctrl+TOpen font dialog box
Shift+F3Change cases
Ctrl+NInsert new Comment
Ctrl+RReply to comment
3. Outlining Views
Alt+Shift+Left ArrowHighlight/Promote Paragraph
Alt+Shift+Right ArrowHighlight/Demote Paragraph
Alt+Shift+Up ArrowMove up paragraph
Alt+Shift+Down ArrowMov down paragraph
Alt+Shift+AShow all texts
Alt+Shift+-Collpase text under heading
Alt+Shift++Expand text
Alt+Shift+1Collapse titles
Double ClickSelect Word
Triple ClickSelect Paragraph
Ctrl+EnterMove from title/text to text/slide
4. Presentation Windows shortcuts
Ctrl+F6Next window
Ctrl+Shift+F6Previous window
Alt+F10Maximize window
Alt+F5UnMaximize window
Ctrl+F5Restore window to previous size
Shift+F10Display Context menu
5. Shapes and Various Drawing Objects Shortcuts
Ctrl+Shift+GGroup Shape
Ctrl+Shift+HUngroup Shape
Ctrl+Shift+JRegroup Shape
Ctrl+Alt+ClickStraight line by curve tool
Ctrl+Resize ClickResize from center
Alt+NandPInsert Picture
Alt+NandSandHInsert Shape
Alt+GandHSelect Theme
Alt+HandLSelect Slide Layout
Alt+Nand XInsert textbox
Alt+NandJSelect object
Alt+NandWInsert Wordart
Ctrl+Shift+CCopy shape attributes
Ctrl+Shift+VPaste shape attributes
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+X/Ctrl+VCopy,cut and paste shapes
Alt+Shift+CCopy animation painter
Alt+Shift+VPaste animation painter
Ctrl+Z/Ctrl+YUndo/Redo changes
6. Slide & presentation keys
Ctrl+GShow/hide slide
Ctrl+Drag GuideCreate multiple guide
+EnterGo to Slide
BBlack/Unblack screen
WWhite/Unwhite screen
A/=Show/hide pointer
HAdvance to hidden screen
EErase Screen
PrtScnCopy Whole Screen
Esc/EndEnd Slideshow
N/Rt ArrowNext Slide
P/Lt ArrowPrevious Slide
Alt+S+BStart Slideshow
Alt+FandXClose powerpoint
7. Tab Selection
Alt+HHome tab
Alt+FFile tab
Alt+NInsert tab
Alt+TTransition tab
Alt+AAnimation tab
Alt+SSlideshow tab
Alt+RReview tab
Alt+GDesign tab
Alt+QTo search item
Alt+WView tab

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