Shortcut keys for Microsoft Word 2016 (Windows Operating Systems)

Shortcut keys for Microsoft Word 2016 (Windows Operating Systems)
Shortcut keys for Microsoft Word 2016 (Windows Operating Systems)
1. Text Editing/Graphics editing Operations
Ctrl+RRight Align selected text
Ctrl+LLeft Align selected text
Ctrl+ASelect All
Ctrl+C/Ctrl+InsCopy text/image
Ctrl+VPaste text/image/text
Ctrl+XCut text/image
Ctrl+BBold text
Ctrl+UUnderline Text
Ctrl+IItalic text
DelRemove selected image/Remove one character from right side
F2Rename the file
Ctrl+PPrint presentation
F5Slideshow of presentation
Ctrl+EAlign Center Selected Phrase
Alt+WZoom Selected
Ctrl+JJustify Selected Phrase
Ctrl+KInsert Hyperlink
Ctrl+FFind particular text
Ctrl+HReplace particular text
Ctrl+ZUndo changes in presentation
Ctrl+YRedo operation
Ctrl+Shift+ZNormal/Plain Text
Shift+F3Change cases(UppseCase/LowerCase)
F7Spelling Checker
Ctrl+Shift+FChange Font Style
Ctrl+Shift+>Increase font size
Ctrl+Shift+<Decrease font size
Ctrl+DragCreate a copy of selected text
Ctrl+BkspaceDelete word from left
Ctrl+DelDelete word from right
F8Turn extend mode on
EscTurn extend mode off
Alt+H+4Apply strikethrough formatting
2. General Operation
Ctrl+S/F12Save Document
Ctrl+OOpen existing document
Ctrl+NNew Document
Ctrl+PPrint Document
3. Navigation Operation
Arrow KeysMove operations
EndEnd of line
HomeStarting of line
Ctrl+Up ArrowPhrase or paragraph Up
Ctrl+Down ArrowPhrase or paragraph down
Ctrl+EndEnd of text block
Ctrl+HomeBeginning of text block
Shift+TabTo next object
TabTo previous object
4. Access Shortcut
Alt+HHome tab
Alt+NInsert Tab
Alt+GDesign tab
Alt+FFile Page
Alt+MMailing tab
Alt+PLayout tab
Alt+QGoto tell me box
Alt+RReview tab
Alt+WView tab
Alt+SReferences tab
5. Insert menu Shortcuts
Alt+N and CChart
Alt+N and PPictures
Alt+N and TTables
Alt+N and VCover page
Alt+N and LComment
Alt+N and HHeader
Alt+N and OFooter
Alt+N and NUPage Number
Alt+N and KBookmark
Alt+N and WWordart
Alt+N and EEquation options
Alt+N and UVarious Symbol
Alt+N and JAdd Object
Alt+N and FOnline Pictures
Alt+N and BPage break
Alt+N and IHyperlink
Alt+N and MSmartArt
Alt+N and DDate and Time
Alt+N and A1Wikipedia
Alt+N and XTextbox
Alt+N and QQuick Parts
6. Design and Layout Menu option
Alt+G and THThemes
Alt+G and TCColors
Alt+G and TFFonts
Alt+G and DSet as default
Alt+G and TEEffects
Alt+G and PCPage color
Alt+G and PBPage border
Alt+G and PWWatermark
Alt+G and PSParagraph Spacing
Alt+P and MMargins
Alt+P and OOrientation
Alt+P and SZSize
Alt+P and JColumns
Alt+P and HHyphenation
Alt+P and BBreaks
Alt+P and LNLine numbers
Alt+P and IL/IRIndent left/right
Alt+P and SB/SASpace before/after
Alt+P and APSelection pane
Alt+P and AAAlign
7. All Function Key Shortcuts
F1Get Help or visit Microsoft Office Online.
F2Move text or graphics.
F4Repeat the last action.
F5Choose the Go To command (Home tab).
F6Go to the next pane or frame.
F8Extend a selection.
F7Choose the Spelling command (Review tab).
F9Update the selected fields.
F10Show KeyTips.
F11Go to the next field.
F12Choose the Save As command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Shift+F1Start context-sensitive Help or reveal formatting.
Shift+F2Copy text.
Shift+F3Change the case of letters.
Shift+F4Repeat a Find or Go To action.
Shift+F5Move to the last change.
Shift+F6Go to the previous pane or frame (after pressing F6).
Shift+F7Choose the Thesaurus command (Review tab, Proofing group).
Shift+F8Shrink a selection.
Shift+F9Switch between a field code and its result.
Shift+F10Display a shortcut menu.
Shift+F11Go to the previous field.
Shift+F12Choose the Save command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Ctrl+F2Choose the Print Preview command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Ctrl+F3Cut to the Spike.
Ctrl+F4Close the window.
Ctrl+F6Go to the next window.
Ctrl+F9Insert an empty field.
Ctrl+F10Maximize the document window.
Ctrl+F11Lock a field.
Ctrl+F12Choose the Open command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Ctrl+Shift+F3Insert the contents of the Spike.
Ctrl+Shift+F5Edit a bookmark.
Ctrl+Shift+F6Go to the previous window.
Ctrl+Shift+F7Update linked information in an Office Word 2007 source document.
Ctrl+Shift+f8, and arrow keysExtend a selection or block.
Ctrl+Shift+F9Unlink a field.
Ctrl+Shift+F11Unlock a field.
Ctrl+Shift+F12Choose the Print command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Alt+F1Go to the next field.
Alt+F3Create a new Building Block.
Alt+F4Exit Office Word 2007.
Alt+F5Restore the program window size.
Alt+F6Move from an open dialog box back to the document, for dialog boxes such as Find and Replace that support this behavior.
Alt+F7Find the next misspelling or grammatical error.
Alt+F8Run a macro.
Alt+F9Switch between all field codes and their results.
Alt+f10Maximize the program window.
Alt+F11Display Microsoft Visual Basic code.
Alt+Shift+F1Go to the previous field.
Alt+Shift+F2Choose the Save command (Microsoft Office Button ).
Alt+Shift+F7Display the Research task pane.
Alt+Shift+F9Run GOTOBUTTON or MACROBUTTON from the field that displays the field results.
Alt+Shift+F10Display a menu or message for a smart tag.
Ctrl+Alt+F1Display Microsoft System Information.
Ctrl+Alt+F2Choose the Open command (Microsoft Office Button )

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