SEO optimization Tips

SEO optimization Tips

Now most of you will have heard of the major search engines such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Internet Marketing is a very competitive market, where companies compete for the attention of millions of online users. The afore-mentioned search engines make up over 75% of all searches online. The traffic these sites get in an hour is just unimaginable it is that high!

So why to companies compete with each other and spend millions on optimising their sites so that their sites are SEO friendly?

Most if not all companies compete with each other to rank well for SEO important keyword because they want to maximise ranking, they want to be perceived as the best, they want to be visible to a much wider range of traffic and want to increase their number of customers, which in turn will increase their revenue & increase profit.

All search engines use complex algorithms to main their relevancy and ranking systems on the web. They also use this complex algorithms to keep illegal or “black hat” SEO sites off the results pages.

Below are a few tips on how to optimize sites for SEO:
 Set up a site that interests you, and update it frequently with informative & unique articles.
 Plan the site & create a good navigational structure for the site.
 Research the competition and see what they are doing and compare yourself with them and try to better your site.
 Decide on your primary and second keywords and make sure you get this right, even if it does take a bit of time.
 Focus on one topic per page, as this means you will have well-structured pages through your site.
 Start a link strategy so that your site gains relevant and various backlinks from relevant sites.
 Repetition is important, keep repeating the above tips, using the tips that work well for your site, and the ones that don’t well do try them at the least.
 Finally, as everyone says content is key (keep updating your site with informative SEO friendly content).

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