Using a blog to drive traffic to your website

Using a blog to drive traffic to your website

One piece of advice I would give to get more traffic to your website is to have a regularly updated blog. By updating it regularly it will attract focussed visitors who can leave comments and get involved with your website.

One of the main benefits of having a regularly updated blog is that Google loves websites that are updated regularly. So if you include snippets of a couple of your latest posts on your home page, it should also give you a boost in rankings.

If your content is good enough, you may also find that users link to your site as a reference. It also gives you a fantastic opportunity to link to lot’s of subpages on your website using the anchor text of your choice, helping Google crawl your site easier and more efficiently.

If your good, you can get subscribers to your RSS feed. So every time you write a post on your blog they will be notified and they will probably come to your site to have a look at what you have written. Imagine the marketing potential of this if you had 1000’s of subscribers to your RSS feed and you wanted to promote a new product/service. You could promote it pretty much instantly. However it is important not to abuse your blog by using it solely as a place to advertise your products, this will probably just annoy your readers and they won’t return to your site.

I am going to use twitter as my example here, set up a twitter profile for your company, and then you can post short links (such as to your blog posts. You can have a massive amount of exposure if you have lots of followers on twitter. If you post a link to a blog post on twitter and you have 1000 followers, say 50 of them re-tweet your article, then 5 of their followers then re-re-tweet it, those figures are a bit optimistic, but could you imagine the traffic potential if you used twitter as well as different social media platforms to market your website.

All these tactics go hand in hand and work well for you to grow traffic to your website through the use of a blog. Just remember your community of readers (big or small) will all be targeted and be interested in your product / service.

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