What Are The Benefits of SEO?

What Are The Benefits of SEO?

Every wondered what the benefits of SEO are? As a long-term marketing strategy, SEO is one of the most cost effective customer acquisition tools. Simply put, when a business ranks organically or “naturally” on the first page of search engine results for a specific keyword, they no longer need to continue paying to advertising for that keyword.

Bottom line, SEO has the capability of generating higher sales for your business. It not only helps in generating traffic but also in creating brand awareness. The results are measurable and long lasting. The Return on Investment (ROI) provide by SEO is much higher than through any other marketing tool. A website well optimized by an experienced SEO specialist would also make it more accessible and usable for the visitors as well search engines.

The following is a high-level list of SEO Benefits:

Increased Website Traffic from Google and Yahoo! and Bing

97 percent of Google users do not search past the first 30th listings. Therefore, the higher your website naturally or “organically” ranks in the search engines the more people will find your website and visit. When you implement SEO techniques you will improve your search engine rankings and rocket past your competitors. The best chance you have of reaching the top of the search engine rankings and staying there is to use search engine optimization (SEO).

Higher Search Engine Rankings in Google and Yahoo! and Bing

Google, Yahoo!, and Bing use complex algorithms to determine which websites rank highly for specific searches. Learning how to optimize your website to take advantage of the algorithms will help your website get a higher search engine ranking for your keywords that your customers use to search for what you sell.

Reduced Customer Acquisition Costs

If your website does not have a Top 30 ranking on Google you are paying for each new customer you get using PPC or you just don’t have any traffic or customers. By moving your website listing into the Top 30 in Google you will reduce your advertising costs and will get free traffic by Google, Yahoo!, and MSN. Search engine optimization is the cheapest long term Internet marketing strategy available!

Increased Revenue and Sales Margins

The more people that visit your website, the more likely you are to make a sale. Getting lots of free website traffic will increase your overall revenue and sale margins by reducing the amount you pay to acquire each new customer.

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