SEO Link Building A to Z

SEO Link Building A to Z

SEO link building and increasing traffic is not always easy, this task can prove even more difficult when trying to target search terms that are deemed to be HIGHLY competitive. Even though it may be a little harder, it’s not impossible!

The following are some basic SEO link building strategies to increase traffic and obtain back-links for your website. What we mean by “basic SEO” is that they are free traffic and linking sources. This is not to be confused with SEO software like SEO Link Monster that automates this process for you but requires a monthly fee.

SEO Links Building From Article Directories

It is still more than possible to use article directories as a way to build traffic and back-links, although it has changed over the past couple of years.

Article directories generally accept articles with a minimum of 600 words. Others require fewer words so if you write articles with 600 plus words, you will be able to submit them to all the article directories we have listed below. One important factor to note is that you must create UNIQUE articles with good quality and of interest to a broad market.

Again, there are a bunch of article directories where you can manually submit your articles for free. The list below is comprised of the top directories that have good PageRank and will get you solid backlinks, readers, and possibly syndication.


SEO Link Building From Video Marketing

Video marketing can be a great method of building traffic and back-links, as long as you place your URL in the video description. No doubt you have a number of articles you posted on your site, why not reuse these by creating some form of video? One way to do this is to use Animoto to create a video based on screen captures, include a sound track from their list of titles, and then place your URL at the end.

If you do use the video(s) on your site, don’t forget to submit a video site map to Google. As promised, here is a solid list of places where you can post your video for free to obtain website traffic and backlinks.


SEO Link Building From Document Sharing Sites

When creating a website you will naturally end up having a decent amount of articles that you have written, why not put these to even more use?

With the articles you have written and already published, create a PDF ebook of these and submit them to document sharing sites, these will often provide you with backlinks. Here is a list of the top SEO Link building document sharing sites:

  • Scribd
  • Slideshare
  • Docstoc
  • Slidesix
  • Issuu
  • Myplick
  • Empressr
  • Slideboom
  • en.calameo

How To/Tutorial Back Links

There has been an increase in the amount of “How To” sites, these are designed to provide people with a article that acts as a tutorial or guide on how to do a specific thing. A normal article could not be submitted to this, however it is possible to rewrite many articles into more of a tutorial form.

For example, if you had several articles on SEO techniques, you could combine them into an eBook about the search engine optimization and then submit it eHow or similar as a multi-part “How to Guide” about how to do SEO.

SEO Link Building From Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is an effective way of SEO link building; you do however have to do them properly. If you simply spam blogs with your comments, you will find the success rate of them actually being approved will be low.

By reading the blog post and spending 5 minutes writing a good comment, you will find your comment is more than likely to get approved. Be sure to include your website URL when submitting your post to ensure you get the linklove back to your site.

If you’re like most people, you don’t have the foggiest idea of how to find relevant blogs for the products or services you sell. Use the following queries within the search results to find relevant blogs:

inurl:blog “your keyword” “post a comment”
inurl:blog “your keyword” “add comment”
inurl:blog “your keyword” “make comment”
inurl:blog “your keyword” “leave a comment”

SEO Link Building From Blog Guest Posting

Content is still king and to be honest it always will be, the problem is many either don’t like writing, don’t have time or due to English not being their first language they may find it hard. Why not contact blogs that are related to your niche and offer them a good quality, unique article which contains 1-2 links back to your site?

This will benefit the blog owner as they are getting fresh content and will also benefit you as you will be getting a back-link.

Another option is to subscribe to a high quality blog network like Search Engine Watch to publish articles easily.

SEO Link Building By Using Question and Answer Websites

There are several sites where people may ask a question such as Yahoo Answers. Why not spend a little time and go through questions that are relevant to your niche and then provide them an answer. Do not just spam your URL as this will result in it getting flagged and not providing any value. Instead you want to spend some time and provide a well thought out answer and then provide your URL at the end, if voted as the best answer you could find yourself getting a good amount of traffic if its a question that is asked a lot.

SEO Link Building Via Link Pushing

Many people will spend time on SEO link building and then leave them and continue to build additional backlinks. Why not also spend time improving some of the backlinks you have already produced.

Link pushing is used to push the juice from a number of backlinks through to one of your additional backlinks and then pass this through to your site.

For example; You have created an article and submitted this to Ezine articles, which then link through to your main money site. You would effectively create a number of backlinks and send these to your Ezine article, which will then pass the juice from these links to your money site.

Use Your Time and Effort Wisely

A lot of affiliates focus too much on building backlinks and this can result in them spending less time on building content to their website. If you continue building content to your site, you will find that you are ranking for additional terms which will naturally result in more traffic. You will also find you getting traffic from keywords that you did not intend to rank for.

Having a large site (100+ pages) will also help your site build an authority status. If you have a large site such as this don’t forget to have a good link structure as this can help spread the link juice throughout the site and give deeper pages an additional push up the SERPS.

Do Follow/No Follow

Many people will tell you to just focus on getting Do Follow backlinks, we would personally suggest getting both do follow and no follow.

The key is to make your SEO link building appear natural; if you just have Do Follow then this is a clear sign that it’s not natural. Even if a backlink is no follow, doesn’t mean you will not get traffic from it.

Do these SEO link building techniques and you will not only get quality backlinks but there is also the potential to get lots of free traffic as well – that your well designed website will convert into paying customers!

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