Important Blogging Tips for Beginners

Important Blogging Tips for Beginners

Please consider these points as you plan to write the Blog. These are the points that will give your Blog the Characteristics with which it can become more READABLE and SEO Friendly.

Characteristic 1: Attention Grabber
Characteristic 2: Tell A Story
Characteristic 3: Structure or Body of Blog
Characteristic 4: Make Your Blog A Quick Read
Characteristic 5: Tell Them Why?

Let’s figure out the final touches before going online and practice these points, so when you actually hit the Web you are Already Awesome!!

Characteristic 1: Attention Grabber
First, an Attention Grabber Headline. It is the magnet that will get the reader come to your Blog Post.

Tips for a great headline of your blog post:

  1. Inspires Trust.
  2. Compels the reader to continue to the body of the blog.
  3. Encourage sharing.
  4. Connects to the reader’s state of mind.
  5. Uses Keywords, List Names, How to’s.
    (Now you get why we discussed Googling the Niche)
    Now, the reader must stay on your blog for that you need Attention grabber:
  6. An attractive emotional or dramatic story.
  7. A set of provocative questions.
  8. A set of specific and interacting promises.

Characteristic 2: Tell A Story
A story connects with the reader instantly. We can directly connect with an emotional story and a story that lets us feel something.
Especially when the narrator frames his/her struggle in a similar condition and proves his success at the other end.
Story helps people persuade themselves and so if you are a good story teller, soon you will be an irresistible influential writer.

Why A Story:

  1. It connects the reader
  2. Stories helps the reader connect with the writer
  3. Story sets your authority as you have already conquered over the problem
  4. Stories engage the reader
  5. Stories are not forgettable
  6. Share a personal story, personal challenges, obstacles you have faced and overcome

Characteristic 3: Structure of Blog
There are two ways that you can actually arrange the Blog Content:

  1. A.I.D.A. Format:
    a. Attention: The first step is getting attention and get noticed. Break his though monotony by your words and the flow of your thoughts.
    b. Interest: After getting attention, you need to transform awareness into interest. So you tell a story and involve them.
    c. Desire: Once you have made them interested, now offer them the tip, or book, or your blog site, or your website, anything so they have a desire to get involved further.
    d. Action: This final step lets your client to get involved with you by subscribing, or by enrolling in your list.
  2. P.A.S. Format:
    a. Problem: The first step is to present a problem that your reader might relate to. He should be instantly connected to you by feeling and badly needing a solution to it.
    b. Agitation: Intensify the Pain, poke the problem, and make it hard to swallow. Do not make the conversation Negative but create empathy and show the reader how this is making his/her life worse.
    c. Solution: Now present your solution. (irresistible)

Characteristic 4: Make your Blog a “QUICK READ”
Few tips to make your Blog effective and quick read:

  1. Use simple language: write as simply as possible, do not
    overload complex words, don’t use technical terminology unless required.
  2. Offer what the reader is looking for, and help him find it
  3. Most Important Information: put it on the top.
  4. Use Image: to intensify or communicate well.
  5. Subheading: use a lot of subheadings to summarize.
  6. Bullet Scans: Use bullet points to reduce words.
  7. Use Short Paragraphs.
  8. Use Short Sentences.
  9. Avoid unnecessary jargon.
  10. Avoid needless repetition.
  11. Shorten… Shorten… Shorten…
  12. Talk directly, use ‘YOU’, avoid Passive

Characteristic 5: Tell Them “WHY?”

Your Readers are busy. They have tons of information loading to them through Social Media, /newsletters, E-mails, etc. They are continuously flooded with information.
They need a strong reason to get motivated to read your article.

Give them a strong reason – a WHY
Use the power of your words. If you can simply give them a reason, people connect instantly, is proven by psychologists long back. Even if the reason makes no sense, but their reason is a cause of their action, so they need a reason.
Humans are curious by nature. They have a lot of WHYs. If you can satisfy it and give a reasonable explanation, people will follow your directions and take action.
So, if you wish to monetize your blog, prompting people to follow you; you have to start practicing writing blogs Right Now!!!

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