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This is Arnab Ghosh from DigitalDuniaBlogs and today we’re gonna talk about SEO tutorial for beginners So let’s get right to it and in this blog we’re gonna talk about a lot of topics related
to SEO so what’s in it for you. We’re gonna start with

What is SEO?

We’re gonna talk about keyword research, how does a search engine work then we’re
going to go into on-page and off-page SEO and techniques and tactics related to both of those. Then we’re gonna dive into how Google algorithms work, the types of SEO website architecture, local SEO, how to measure your SEO performance

So let’s get right to it and start with why SEO and some of you with a website may be your blogs maybe you just have a website with a lot of content, probably have this conversation before where you said hey look I got all this content but I can’t be found on Google search engines and the first reaction somebody might have is well why don’t you optimize your website for SEO and some of you may know what SEO is some of you may not know what SEO is and the natural question would be why does my website need SEO.

What is SEO?

Well there are a lot of inherent benefits to SEO which stands for search engine optimization
and the first benefit is it increases visibility on search engines so all the techniques we’re going to cover today in today’s SEO tutorial are going to be techniques to boost your visibility on
the search engines so we’re not talking about Google per se we’re also talking about Bing and Yahoo and Baidu and some of the other search engines that are out there so that’s inherently the first
benefit to doing search engine optimization is we want to increase our visit ability on search engines and today’s blog is going to cover that

The second benefit is it will help you to rank higher for relevant keywords so the idea behind search engines is we want our websites to be found our pages on our websites to be found when somebody does a search and so ideally when somebody does a search you want to be found for the keyword queries that are most relevant to your business so we want those keyword queries to match the content that we have on our website and so that’s a benefit we want to be found for what people are looking for and so that’s the beauty of SEO is that your content could be found for those relevant keywords

The third benefit is it helps to increase traffic to your website so the idea here is a lot of people go to search engines on a daily basis around the world depending on what search engine they use Google is one of the most popular but if you look at China, Baidu is a popular search engine nonetheless what’s common around the world is people do use search engines to find information and so what we want to do is we want to be found in search engines because that’s what people use to find content and so we’re found on search engines people are going to find us for relevant keywords and if they see our content is relevant and the search engine results after they query a keyword then they’re going to click on our link and go to our website so if you can imagine all that content you have on your website and all that content is able to be found on the search engines and a lot of people are using search engines with relevant keywords then naturally you’re gonna get clicks. That’s going to drive traffic to your website and so that’s in summary how it works and that’s why we want we want to increase traffic to our website from search engines because that’s what people use and then inherently because of that it will help people find our website so an optimized site helps your target audience find your website.

Increase brand awareness

If we could drive traffic to our website from search engines and multiple traffic sometime from the same users it’s going to naturally also increase our brand awareness people are going to know more about us if we’re found in the search engines and then another benefit here is it helps to convert a local business into a global business.What we mean by that is if we’re found in the search engine results if somebody types on a relevant keyword and our content shows up in the search engine results on Google or Baidu or Bing or any search engine ideally our business can be found all over the world our content can be found all over the world it’s not necessarily local per se we may have a local business in a particular city or locality but that doesn’t stop anybody from around the world from finding our content.So the idea behind search engines is look the contents available to anyone around the world and to me.This is one of the biggest benefits because

  • it can boost traffic
  • it can boost brand awareness
  • it can boost traffic and the whole idea is taking your business and taking it and elevating it to more of a global brand versus just a local presence and so that inherently is one of the key benefits to
  • search engine optimization

So let’s move on to what is SEO and we’re going to talk about SEO and how do you define it.

So SEO again stands for search engine optimization-it’s basically the practice of getting traffic from the organic search results on not just Google but really any search engine so depending on the keyword that somebody types in regardless of what search engine they use that search engines going to rank websites based on the relevancy of the keyword so if you have a website and you have a blog and you have a lot of content in your food blogger and you write about let’s just say restaurants and you’re doing restaurant reviews and you happen to be doing a restaurant review about Italian restaurants.

Well somebody typed in Italian restaurants and you may want to come up for that keyword okay so it’s all about relevancy does that search engines see that particular blog post as the most relevant for that search query so that’s what SEO is all about we want to be able to rank our websites for certain keywords on search engines so if our website is ranked on search engines then there’s a lot of benefits to that we talked about those benefits in the why SEO but the biggest benefit is the visibility that comes with that so the higher your ranked on a search engine the more traffic you’re going to get and it’s a snowball effect because the more traffic you get the more conversions you’re gonna get so here you can see the percentage of Google traffic the higher you rank so generally there are 10 results per page on a search engine so if you’re ranked in the top three or even in the first or second position you’re gonna get a majority of the clicks and search engine optimization starts with the keyword because we want to be found for relevant keywords and so the first step and search engine optimization is always going to be keyword research.

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