Shortcut keys for Windows 10 Command Prompt

Shortcut keys for Windows 10 Command Prompt
Shortcut keys for Windows 10 Command Prompt
1. Launching and Managing Command Prompt
Win+R, then type ‘cmd’Run Windows Command Promt
Win+X, then CStart Command Prompt via Power User Commands
Win+X, then AStart Command Prompt as Administrator via Power User Commands
type ‘exit’Exit Command Prompt
Alt+Enter or F11Switch to full-screen mode. Press again to exit full-screen mode
2. Select Text (Expanded with Windows 10)
Ctrl+ASelect all text in line (press again to select all text in CMD including complete screen buffer)
Shift+Arrow Left / Arrow RightExtend selection by on character to the left / to the right
Shift+Control+Arrow Left / Arrow RightExtend selection by on word to the left / to the right
Shift+Arrow Up / Shift+Arrow DownExtend selection by one line down / one line up
Shift+HomeExtend selection to beginning of command. Press again to include the path (e.g. C:\Windows) into selection
Shift+EndExtend selection to the end of the current line
Ctrl+Shift+Home / EndExtend selection to the beginning/ to the end of screen buffer
Shift+Page Up / Shift+Page DownExtend selection one page up one page down
3. Copy and Paste (Expanded with Windows 10)
Ctrl+CCopy Text
Ctrl+V or Right ClickPaste Text
4. Navigate Text
Home / EndJump to beginning, jump to end of the line
Ctrl+Arrow Left / Arrow RightJump to next / jump to previous Word
Ctrl+Arrow Up / Arrow DownScroll screen up / down one line
Turn scroll wheel up / downScroll up / down 3 lines
Shift+Turn scroll wheel up / downScroll up / down half a page
Middle ClickStart scroll mode
Move mouse up / down in scroll modeScroll up / down
Click or Middle Click or Right Click or any arrow key or Shift or Ctrl or Page Up or Page Down or Home or End or Ins or Del or any function key except F10Stop scroll mode
5. Enter and Manipulate Text
Ctrl+BackspaceDelete word left to the Cursor
F2, then a…zFrom current cursor position , delete up to letter selected
TabAutocomplete Folder or File Name
EscapeClear current line
InsToggle Insert Mode
Ctrl+EndDelete from cursor position to end of line
Ctrl+HomeDelete from cursor position to beginning of line
Ctrl+ZSignal end of Line; text afterwards will be ignored
6. Recall Commands
Arrow Up / Arrow DownScroll through previously used commands
Page Up / Page DownRecall first / last command
Arrow Right (or F1)Type previous command character by character. Press and hold works too.
F2, then a…zRe-type previous command up to letter selected
F3Repeat previous Command
F7Show history of previous commands
Alt+F7Clear Command History
F8Move backwards in command history for commands matching current command

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