Shortcut keys for Google Docs

Shortcut keys for Google Docs
Shortcut keys for Google Docs
1. Navigate Google Docs
Arrow Left/Arrow RightJump one character to the left / to the right
Ctrl+Arrow Left/Ctrl+Arrow RightJump one word to the left / to the right
End/HomeJump to the end of a line / beginning of a line
Arrow Down/Arrow UpJump one line down / one line down
Ctrl+Arrow Down/Ctrl+Arrow UpJump one paragraph down / one paragraph up
Page Down/Page UpJump one screen down/ one screen up
Ctrl+End/Ctrl+HomeJump to end / to beginning of document
2. Select Text
Shift+Arrow Right/Shift+Arrow LeftExtend selection one character to the right / to the left
Ctrl+Shift+Arrow Right/Ctrl+Shift+Arrow LeftExtend selection one word to the right / to the left
Shift+End/Shift+HomeExtend selection to the end / to beginning of a line
Shift+Arrow Down/Shift+Arrow UpExtend selection one line down / one line up
Shift+Page Down/Shift+Page UpExtend selection one screen down / one screen up
Ctrl+Shift+End/Ctrl+Shift+HomeExtend selection to end / to beginning of document
Ctrl+AExtend selection to entire document / select all
3. Format Text
Ctrl+Alt+CCopy formatting
Ctrl+Alt+VPaste formatting
Ctrl+\Clear formatting (or Ctrl+Space)
Ctrl+Alt+0 (zero)Normal paragraph style
Ctrl+Alt+1 … 6Header style 1 … Header style 6
Ctrl+Shift+LLeft alignment
Ctrl+Shift+ECenter alignment
Ctrl+Shift+RRight alignment
Ctrl+Shift+JFull justify
Ctrl+Shift+7Numbered list
Ctrl+Shift+8Bulleted list
4. Manage Google Docs
Alt+Shift+FMove focus to menu bar
Ctrl+Shift+FCompact controls
Shift+right-clickShow your browser’s right-click options
5. Edit Documents
Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+VCut, Copy, Paste
TabIncrease paragraph indentation
Shift+TabDecrease paragraph indentation
Ctrl+KInsert link
Ctrl+Shift+YGet definitions
Ctrl+Alt+FInsert footnote
Ctrl+Shift+CWord count
6. Jump to Sections within Documents
Ctrl+Alt+o then h*Move to header. Press Escape to leave header
Ctrl+Alt+o, then f*Move to footer. Press Escape to leave footer
Ctrl+Alt+n then h*Move to next heading
Ctrl+Alt+n then 1…6*Move to next heading 1-6
Ctrl+Alt+p then h*Move to previous heading
Ctrl+Alt+p then 1…6*Move to previous heading 1-6
Ctrl+Alt+f then EMove to current footnote
Ctrl+;Move to next misspelling
*Keep CTRL+ALT pressed after first letter
7. Comment View
Ctrl+Alt+POpen discussion view
Ctrl+Alt+MInsert comment
JSelect next comment
KSelect previous comment
EResolve comment
EscMove focus outside of input box
KSelect previous
Shift+Enter or Ctrl+EnterSubmit comment
8. Discussion View
JSelect next
KSelect previous
u or EscapeClose discussion view
Shift+Enter or Ctrl+EnterSubmit comment
9. Comment Box Shortcuts
_text_Add ‘_’ before and after phrase to make text in comment italic
*text*Add ‘*’ before and after phrase to make text in comment bold
-text-Add ‘-‘ before and after phrase to make text in comment strike-through

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