Welcome to DigitalDuniaBlogs

Hi Guys ! My name is Arnab and I welcome you all to my website DigitalDuniaBlogs.

My attempt is to share news,tips & tricks about various aspects of technology and ofcourse my new passion Digital Marketing!

Since childhood I have always liked to write and speak whenever I got the opportunity.Having spent 19 years in the corporate sector in India , I thought why not use my writing skills to communicate with my followers on a global scale.

Thus the thought of starting a blog came to my mind. Although I haven’t learnt blogging or digital marketing from any formal training institute, I consider self learning to be one of the best methods to learn effectively. It clears the concepts quickly and helps you learn faster if you are willing to put in that extra effort !

Since I have just started , there will be ample areas of improvement as far as DigitalDuniaBlogs is concerned.

Hope to receive your support & encouragement to make my site one of the best in the world!